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From Richard Evans <>
Subject Monolithic jar .v. separate jars
Date Fri, 13 May 2011 14:58:58 GMT
I've been experimenting with the trunk version of ApacheDS recently, building from the checked
out code.  I run it from the snapshot .tar.gz target.  This has a single monolithic service
jar containing all the classes.

This approach is very convenient for standalone installs, but may cause problems if we decide
to embed ApacheDS in our application.  We already use much of the support stuff in the jar
- servlet apis, slf4j, ActiveMQ classes, etc - and I want to make sure the we get the right

Is it is possible to make a build with separate jars?  And (really fantastic) some guidelines
as to which jars are required for various configurations?  For example if I wish to embed
an LDAP server (no Kerberos, NTP, etc), which ApacheDS jars are required and which external
jars (and versions) are required?



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