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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: OSGi startup and shutdown problems
Date Wed, 11 May 2011 09:19:35 GMT
On 5/11/11 10:47 AM, Guillaume Nodet wrote:
> Just my thoughts, as I had a discussion with Emmanuel yesterday on
> this subject.  I must admit I don't know directory very much, so maybe
> I'm off track.
> Unless I misunderstood, the OSGi container is only used for
> classloading and want to hide it.  However, if you try to hide the
> OSGi stuff, the first time you'll have a resolution problem for a
> bundle, you'll have a hard time explaining that to the user.
> Let's take a simple example.  I see in your code at

This part of the code is really a bad hack, we are supposed to deduce 
the versions to use from some configuration file.
> that you export the slf4j pacakge in version 1.6.0 from the system
> bundle.   What if a user start using a [1.6.1,2) range when importing
> that package ? That will happen as soon as he's using the latest
> version of slf4j in its maven dependencies (and people tend to upgrade
> to latest version).    In that case, felix will start up correctly and
> you won't see any problem, unless you're monitoring the bundles state
> to check that everything has been resolved, etc...

Plain agree. We have to fix this part.
> I'm not saying OSGi is bad, I'm using it everyday and it's really
> powerful.  But I've also learned that it's not a simple container to
> manage.   I'm not sure hiding it will really work at the end.
Usually, we are just hiding it if the user does not have its own OSGi 

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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