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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Fwd: Re: ApacheDS status and future
Date Mon, 09 May 2011 16:14:17 GMT
Forwarded to the mailing list


Thanks for this, sounds very promising. I'll do some proof-of-concept work with 1.5 for now
and look forward to 2.0.  One more question for the future - you mention using OSGi, but our
app runs in a web container (tomcat for example) and does not use OSGi internally.  Will it
be possible to embed ApacheDS without OSGi?


(I subscribed to the list too late to get your reply, so this is a copy-and-paste job).

On 5/9/11 1:39 PM, Richard Evans wrote:
>  Hi

>  We're looking at embedding ApacheDS into our java application, but I'm a bit concerned
as to the status of the project.
Valid point :) Let's try to see what's going on.
>  The last release was over a year ago and whilst this seems very functional, I get the
impression that major changes are in the pipeline - discarding XML based configuration, for
Right. We decided to go with OSGi, because it opens many doors, for
instance. We also decided that Spring was not the right solution, and
that a LDIF based configuration was easier to manage, including when you
want to modify the server config without having to restart it.

Nevertheless, the LDAP part is still offering the very same features
that it was before. We are just polishing some others and also add some
new important ones:
- pluggable elements
- multi-master replication
- disaster recovery system

>  So is this the right time to start embedding?  Is a new release due shortly?
We expect to go for quicker releases soon. The 1.0/1.5 etc release
schema was probably not a good idea, and we now are moving toward a
2.0.0-M1 release in the next 2 months. The idea is to be able to go for
very fast release (like once a month) with each release offering some
new feature (a bit à la eclipse).
>  Will the online documentation get improved?
Well, hmmm, this is an open source project, and it's difficult to get
the doco written by coders... :/
>  What is the status of the triplesec stuff - there is a link to this on the front page
but I can't see it anywhere in svn.
It has been moved to a dormant status atm. We simply don't have time to
kiss it and wake him up atm. But as soon as the underlying pieces are in
a decent shape (ie 2.0.0-RC1), then TSec will probably be revived.
>  Don't get me wrong, this is a great project, I just need to know what to do with it.

It's really up to you.  We can't make any promise, we ca just say we are
working hard to get a release out this year.

Also keep in mind that ApacheDS is not only about the server : we also
have released a LDAP API last week, and we have to get it polished at
the same time (this API is internally used by the server). We also have
heavy developements going on on Studio.

Lots of work for a bright future hopefully !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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