+1 to delete, l don't think they are widely used. OTOH i think we should have another method to check the presence of attributetyp

On 06-Apr-2011 10:57 PM, "Emmanuel Lecharny" <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi guys,

as I'm now reviewing the Entry classes, I'm wondering if we should keep all the constructors we have, or if we would rather remove those we don't use.

For instance, we have a couple of constrcutors which are never used :
DefaultEntry( Attribute...)
DefaultEntry( SchemaManager, Attribute...)

It creates an Entry from a list of Attribute instances.

It *might* be convenient, but we never ever use it. Should I keep it, or should I remove the methods ? (YAGNI principle)

wdyt ?

Emmanuel Lécharny