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From Rajesh <>
Subject Custom Schema
Date Sun, 24 Apr 2011 11:46:47 GMT
I have been trying to start the server with a custom schema of my own since
last one week.  In that process I am trying to understand how the schema
gets loaded. I found a small bug in that process.

DefaultSchema.addDependencies  method is implemented wrong. The src, dst for
arraycopy should be interchanged.

After I loaded my schema I got error in the following line in
DefaultPartitionNexus constructor.

 rootDSE.put( SchemaConstants.SUBSCHEMA_SUBENTRY_AT,
ServerDNConstants.CN_SCHEMA_DN );

ERR_04464 Error while adding values into the {0} attribute. Error :
ERR_04269 ATTRIBUTE_TYPE for OID subschemasubentry does not exist!

I understand the error that my schema does not define this AttributeType.
But what I did not understand is why "subschemasubentry" is being treated as
OID. In some places there are checks like OID.isOid to make sure that all
OIDs of all AttributeTypes are really OIDs. And in many other places names
are being used as OIDs.

I got little confused. Can some one clear my doubts...

Thanks in advance


Rajesh Akkineni

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