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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Search result in LDAP API
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2011 14:32:00 GMT
>> b) Convenience methods:  higher-level objects (Dn, Rdn, Strings) are
>> passed and returned. Examples
>>    void modify(String dn, Modification... modifications)
>>    void rename (Dn entryDn, Rdn newRdn)
>>    Cursor<Entry>  search( Dn baseDn, String filter, SearchScope scope,
>> String... attributes )
>>   ->  those methods throw an LdapException in case of an error that
>> contains the LDAP error code and message.
> We already have those convenient methods.

Yes, but they return a XyzResponse (except for the search) and the
user needs to check the response object to see if the operation was
successful or not (please correct me if I'm wrong). I think that is
not what 99% of the users expect.

So my idea of the "high-level" methods" is
- they take high-level objects as arguments
- the return type is void (for bind, unbind, add, modify, moddn,
delete, abandon), boolean (for compare), Cursor<Entry> (for search),
not sure about extended
- they throw an LdapException (or an appropriate sub-type) in case the
result code is not 0
- we should add support for referral handling and search continuation
(skip, chase, throw exception), not only for search, but also for the
write methods, but that could be done later

And the "low-level" methods:
- take XyzRequest objects as single argument
- they return an XyzResponse object (for bind, unbind, add, modify,
moddn, delete, abandon, compare, extended) or a SearchCursor (for
- the respose objects must be inspected to find out if the operation
was sucessful or not, or if there was an referral/search continuation

So for the existing search() method that would mean:

SearchCursor search(SearchRequest searchRequest)
-> remains as is

Cursor<Entry> search(Dn baseDn, String filter, SearchScope scope,
String... attributes)
Cursor<Entry> search(String baseDn, String filter, SearchScope scope,
String... attributes)
-> return value changed, additional overloads to specify referral
handling may be needed

I just think a high-level and low-level API is required and try to
find a consistent rule.

Kind Regards,

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