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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject Re: Problem with Apache directory studio and require information about adding partition to Apache directory server
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 08:39:19 GMT
Hi Lakshmi,

Actually the dc=example,dc=com partition is really there.

What is lacking is the actual entry for this partition. The partition only points to a particular
DN in the DN.

You need to create the entry via the "New Context Entry" wizard in the Apache Directory Studio's
LDAP Browser plugin.

See this link for more information about this:

Note that you can also add the partition entry via an LDIF or DSML import too.

Hope this helps,

On 20 avr. 2011, at 08:48, Lakshmi B wrote:

> Good after noon,
> I am using Apache directory studio 1.5.3, to know the functionality and flow of control
of Apache Directory Server.
> The first problem with Apache Directory Studio is its not showing the partition example
that you people added through server.xml file.
> In the tutorial or user guide you said that after creating a new connection we can view
3 partitions i.e ou=system, ou=schema, dc=example,dc=com.
> But I am unable to view dc=example,dc=com partition. Why the directory studio is unable
to display the existing partition?
> Second problem is the Apache directory studio is unable to display any partition that
is added programatically (i.e adding a partition through server.xml and creating a JDBM partition
and adding it to the directory service). The reason may be the first problem.
> And you people specified the tutorial for Apache Directory Server 1.5. I followed those
steps to create partition in Apache Directory Server 1.5.7, by doing some modifications. But
I am unable to view the new partition. If you provide the tutorial for Apache Directory Server
1.5.7. It will be helpful and clear to us, because the classes and methods get changed from
1.5 to 1.5.7.
> Please help me to add a partition through server.xml and by creating JDBMPartition. If
you specify the steps in detail for Apache Directory Server1.5.7, it will be helpful to me
and I feel grateful to you people.
> -- 
>        Thanks & Regards
>    LakshmiRambabu. D
>           (Lakshmi. B)
>  Vimukti Technologies Pvt Ltd
>    Contact No: 8341933772

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