Hi Alex,

On mardi 1 mars 2011 at 03:53, Alex Karasulu wrote:

Seems this local repository in the studio master POM is causing some grief:

      <name>Studio Provided Repository</name>
Can you provide any trace?
What kind of error is Archiva reporting?

Any ideas on a workaround? I tried creating a repository in archiva pointing to both the base directory of studio and to studio/repository as a file:///... url. However that seems not to work. 

Can we relocate these files to a repository or are they manipulated by the build and need to be local?
Maybe we could create a real HTTP repository with our Eclipse artifacts (standard and modified versions) and Studio specific artifacts (specifically Studio launchers).
The only issue I see with this workaround is that we'l loose the ability to build old versions if we replace our Eclipse jars when upgrading to a new Eclipse version.

It would be better to find a fix to make it work in Archiva, rather than having to fix our build (which works pretty well).
I hope we can find a clever solution.