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 Let's be exact here. Are you saying that you were crucified?
 I'd like a clear answer to this question.
You seem to be saying this too frequently and on public mailing lists for
to ignore. The same insinuation last occurring over some IP issue I
discovered with a release. Again crucification was the word used. So
stop the passive aggressive insinuations or just say what you're thinking
directly: I'm more than willing to work with you to be as gentle as you
me to be with you.

Alex, please *stop* being paranoid.

OK this is yet another insinuation. I don't appreciate then. In a dry non
accusatory fashion I should be able to point out technical trends made by
developers here that are not help us. This should not insight these kinds of
insinuations period.
It was not an insinuation, you *are* getting paranoid from time to time, and trust me, this is fucking boring. I'm tired of such a behavior, and I'm not the only one. Swallow it, or control this behavior.

First off you need to control yourself. The fact that you have reached consensus with others on this team is no reason for you to talk in such a fashion. Why loose your cool? I'm saying I don't want to use these kinds of words that stigmatize this community. It's not evil, wrong, or paranoid. 

Bottom line these crucifixion commentaries need to stop. They are not helping. There's no paranoia on my side here. This is the 2nd instance of your using the same word. Both times when I pointed out something wrong you came by and dropped it. This is reality and people that are paranoid are not founded on reality.

I don't care if you have everyone on this project thinking the same as you. We still have a right as individuals to calmly and politely express why we are not liking the behaviors of others. There's no reason to explode. 

I am having a conversation not an argument with you. 

You were the one bringing this discussion to the dev mailing list, and that's a problem. Now, I can't either ignore it.

I'm sorry but you said we don't need to crucify the second time. You can't keep saying that there's a crucifixion going on every time something wrong is pointed out. Even if you don't use a name, it's still easy to form associations. 

You can say Alex you're attacking here stop it. This is why I came out and clearly asked, "Are you saying I am crucifying?" Because if that's what you're saying then I need to figure out what I am doing wrong right?

Politely and respectfully any issue can be discussed between people without name calling and attacking each other.

This was a general sentence targeting no one, as your initial mail
contained a similar one :

"...I'm not blaming anyone here so please don't get the wrong idea..."

At some point, you have to realize that you are working in a community
where most of us are not native english speakers, and that reflects in the
sentence we use and the word we pick to express an idea.

OK we gotta stop using the lack of not being native speakers as an issue.

I don't like this excessively sensitive situation here where we have to keep
quite when something wrong happens in the code. It's something that will
inhibit progress in the end.


If I have to call someone specifically names, I have some way to express
that feeling. Look at my first sentence, for instance.

OK say it was general. Forget for now my taking it as if it were directed
towards me. But even generally it's making people in the community think
something is not right.

*if* only you weren't bringing what you thought was a personal attack on the dev list, people around it weren't asking themselves if the community is sane, or not.

Look I don't want insinuations about my being a crucifier on public lists. So when you post that I have to defend myself in the same ML you posted to. 

It's not good to leave things hanging. Plus I thought maybe I am doing something wrong here. Let's get to the bottom of it. So I asked directly who is crucifying? If it is me I will take steps to stop once I understand what you mean and if it is in fact the case.
<snip the remaining non-sense>

Now, either we stop these stupid and useless discussion here, and consider that it was just a blurb of BS, or we continue. I haven't started it, and I don't want to continue either. I'm just fed up.

Dude you showed up and said a crucification was going on. Who else would you be referring to? You can't say this to someone then run away from it. 

These are light almost unnoticeable insinuations designed to slowly formulate a negative image of someone in the community. I want it stopped.

Have a nice day.

Oh most certainly, I'm not the one angry here. Also I'm ready for a discussion whenever you are on this present Schema refactoring we need to do.

Perhaps we can discuss this on IRC then report to the ML. I have been waiting for you here for 1hr when you said give me 10 minutes. If you need to cool off I understand. I can do something else today if need be. Just let me know on or off list what you'd like to do.