Hi all,

  Please excuse the cross post to both dev and user mailing lists.


If you're a lurker, and are interested in getting involved in the Apache Directory Project but just don't know what to work on. Here are some proposals that might interest you. 

(1) LDAP Web Administration and/or Self Service Application[s]

What is it?

The name says it all. A simple web based (Servlet) administrative application which uses the new LDAP API to administer your own profile or the entire server. 


We're breaking with JNDI and coming out with a new and modern LDAP API. 

We want to know how useful it is. 

We want to know if certain problems arise using it.  

We want general feedback to improve the API.

We want a sample application that shows people how to use it and all its features.

We want to grow community and to work with more cool peeps.

This mini-project and those working on would achieve some of these aims.

(2) LDAP Command Line Interface 

What is it?

A main program that might be attached to an ldap-all jar as the java -jar executable with commands to execute the standard set of LDAP operations like add, del, modify, modifyDn etc. 


Same purpose as in #1 plus we have something that we can ship with ApacheDS that can be used from the command line without requiring other executables for administrators to use. 

(3) LDAP Interactive Command Line Shell

What is it?

A slick bash like shell that can be triggered from the same ldap-all jar's java -jar executable with perhaps a shell command. The idea is to take the shell motif in FS land over to LDAP land. This way all standard UNIX commands like ls, cd, cat, etc can have analogs to navigate and manipulate the Directory Information Tree (DIT). 


Same purpose as in #1 and #2. 

It's a cool concept, lots of fun to implement. Use OSGi to have plugins for new commands.

We might package it with ADS for sys admins who hate using UI's or have nothing but a shell available in front of them in a data center.

Might be something we can also put inside studio.

Can use commands like script to record scripts that can be loaded as stored procedures or replayed for tests. Who knows?

On going project that can advance over time with more shell grammar constructs like script control flow. That means more people will work on the project for a long time. Once you get in you can never leave :-). Can use scripting languages like groovy and Zoerner's awesome groovy ldap api. 


If other folks have some ideas as well please add to this list. Based on the progress of this thread we can add to the page of potential projects on our site/wiki.