On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 9:18 AM, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <pa@marcelot.net> wrote:
Hi Alex,

On mardi 1 mars 2011 at 03:53, Alex Karasulu wrote:

Seems this local repository in the studio master POM is causing some grief:

      <name>Studio Provided Repository</name>
Can you provide any trace?
What kind of error is Archiva reporting?

Well it's not really archiva that is producing the problem. It's maven. Archiva just acts as a repository proxy and aggregater. So instead of going directly against the central maven repo you go treat Archiva's URL as the mirror for that repo and archiva acts like a proxy like squid but is aware of the repository and what is a snapshot etc.

So maven while running on all the other modules works great with Archiva. But when it gets to studio's build it sees this repository and freaks out. There might be some work arounds in the settings.xml file and I'm looking at that.
Really though Archiva makes to build run much much faster.
Any ideas on a workaround? I tried creating a repository in archiva pointing to both the base directory of studio and to studio/repository as a file:///... url. However that seems not to work. 

Can we relocate these files to a repository or are they manipulated by the build and need to be local?
Maybe we could create a real HTTP repository with our Eclipse artifacts (standard and modified versions) and Studio specific artifacts (specifically Studio launchers).
The only issue I see with this workaround is that we'l loose the ability to build old versions if we replace our Eclipse jars when upgrading to a new Eclipse version.

Oh ok. Well if it's going to be an issue no problem then. I was hoping we can maintain all the versions together since the maven repository can manage this.
It would be better to find a fix to make it work in Archiva, rather than having to fix our build (which works pretty well).
I hope we can find a clever solution.

Yeah I'll play with the settings.xml file a bit more to see what I can do.