Hi all,

For a fast discussion some points were discussed regarding creating OSGi bundles specifically for loading schemas. The end result was the realization that this was a moot point because of the following:

(1) Any bundle has the capability to load its own schema at any point by interfacing with the SchemaManager and other schema subsystem elements so OSGi bundles designed to specifically load schemas are unnecessary.

(2) The synchronization problem of having class loadable elements stored in the DIT correspond with the loaded elements from OSGi bundles is not worth the hassle of dealing with OSGi bundles for schema only. The DIT sync up of schema and OSGi bundle contained elements is unnecesary.

(3) Keeping schema in the DIT is good because of 3 points instead of pushing contents to OSGi bundles:

      (a) replication of schema is easier when stored in the DIT
      (b) remote management of schema via the LDAP protocol is easier than having to manage and deploy OSGi bundles
      (c) creating, deploying and management of schemas should not involve OSGi knowledge