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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject [VOTE] Release of Shared 1.0.0-M2
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2011 19:48:25 GMT

This is a vote for the second milestone release on our way to a Shared
and LDAP API 1.0. Lots of cleanup and artifacts reorganization.
Also bug fixes related to OSGI. Please see the release
notes below.

The SVN tag:

The source and binary distribution packages:
The file names are prefixed with 'apache-ldap-api'. The bin packages
contain the shaded shared-all and all required dependencies to use the

The staging repository:

The generated site:

Please cast your votes:
[ ] +1 Release Shared 1.0.0-M2
[ ]  0 abstain
[ ] -1 Do not release Shared 1.0.0-M2


Release Notes for Shared 1.0.0-M2


[DIRSHARED-85] - Use embedded OSGi container for pluggable extensions to the code
[DIRSHARED-86] - Make Extended Operations Plugin Extensions to Codec like Controls
[DIRSHARED-87] - Move some of the NOD extended operations into their rightful place
[DIRSHARED-88] - Cleanup and move out what's remaining in shared-ldap
[DIRSHARED-89] - Turn shared-ldap into a minimal aggregate of all API related jars.
[DIRSHARED-90] - Move ldap-client-api to ldap-client
[DIRSHARED-91] - Solve the issue with an embedded Felix running in codec while being embedded
in eclipse RCP
[DIRSHARED-92] - See if we can make the protocol codec pluggable as well.
[DIRSHARED-93] - Add the ability to load new schema bundles.
[DIRSHARED-94] - Add Maven Archetypes to easily create control, extended operation, and schema
[DIRSHARED-95] - Add cleanup code for the codec service implementation
[DIRSHARED-96] - Create PAX-EXAM integration tests in shared-integ to test bundles
[DIRSHARED-98] - Make the SchemaManager and SchemaLoaders into an OSGi Service
[DIRSHARED-101] - Remove usage of internal private codec packages.
[DIRSHARED-103] - Determine if we need all the methods in LdapCodecService for extended operations


[DIRSHARED-84] - 1.0-M2 Tasks
[DIRSHARED-99] - Fix outstanding legal issues
[DIRSHARED-100] - Fix outstanding build issues
[DIRSHARED-102] - Removed the hard wired versions from StandaloneLdapCodecService
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