So everything is now setup in m1. The two new modules are:

    o ldap-codec
    o ldap-model

The dsml-parser module is totally decoupled from the codec implementation classes. Some cleanup can happen here though. 

The build works, integration tests pass, studio builds fine and imports into eclipse without issues.


Note: not all for m1 release although I think most of this can be done in a couple days but we're running out of time.

   o after moving out what remains in ldap module need to convert to one big aggregate jar of
          - ldap-mode
          - ldap-client (ldap-client-api now)
          - ldap-codec
          - shared-util
          - shared-asn1-api
          - shared-asn1-ber
   o ldap-extras module needs to be budded off from ldap-codec
   o ads-model module needs to be created with what is remaining in ldap module
   o extended operations need to be pluggable
   o protocol codecs need to be pluggable to use different network layers
   o OSGi plugin mechanism needs to be completed
   o more cleanup

Will be around in the afternoon.