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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [Studio] OSGi and the codec
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 22:37:44 GMT

If you cannot find a solution to our new problem, we may have to write
a separate codec service implementation just for Studio. Unfortunately
this means we're probably going to need 2 separate modules instead of
a single ldap-codec. Let me break down what I am thinking:

ldap-codec => For Studio and Future Pure OSGi Environments
    1 - pure OSGi codec service bundle
    2 - bundle activator registers the codec service within any OSGi environment
    3 - studio must accesses codec service running inside equinox
    4 - might need some extra (custom) goooo inside the MANIFEST.MF to
work in eclipse/equinox environment

ldap-codec-standalone => For Present Client and Server (ApacheDS)
    1 - a bundle, but no activator
    2 - default service implementation embeds Felix
    3 - starts up the codec bundle first, whose activator registers
the pure OSGi codec service in Felix
    4 - gets handle on the service inside Felix
    5 - then discovers, and starts up extension plugins
    6 - default implementation not the same as service inside Felix,
default implementation wraps service inside Felix

OK so this is a bit involved. If you cannot figure something out
tomorrow maybe we have no choice but to pursue this approach. In step
3 in first block above:

    3 - studio must accesses codec service running inside equinox

I presume this is possible but it will take know how in studio. I'm
sure it's really easy to access a registered service. Never done it
myself so would need your feedback here.


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