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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Shared 1.0.0-M1 and JUnit Add-ons 0.1
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2011 09:22:05 GMT

This is a vote for the first milestone release on our way to a Shared
and LDAP API 1.0. Lot of cleanup and decoupling has already be done.
Also bug fixes and improvements have been done. Please see the release
notes below.

The SVN tag:

The source and binary distribution packages:
The file names are prefixed with 'apache-ldap-api'. The bin packages
contain the shaded shared-all and all required dependencies to use the

The staging repository:

The generated site:

This is also a vote for JUnit Add-ons 0.1. This artifact is used by
Shared (and ApacheDS) for concurrency tests. Unfortunately the
artifacts are already published to the Maven repositories, so this
vote is to legitimate this after the fact.

The SVN tag:

The artifacts in Maven repository:

Please cast your votes:
[ ] +1 Release Shared 1.0.0-M1 and JUnit Add-ons 0.1
[ ]  0 abstain
[ ] -1 Do not release Shared 1.0.0-M1 and JUnit Add-ons 0.1

Kind Regards,


Release Notes - Directory Shared - Version 1.0-M1

** Sub-task
    * [DIRSHARED-81] - Move classes and tests to appropriate area
    * [DIRSHARED-82] - Adhere to package and class naming conventions
    * [DIRSHARED-83] - Add documentation and test coverage

** Bug
    * [DIRSHARED-4] - RDN length and start fields are not set
    * [DIRSHARED-36] - Attribute type description schema parser uses
integer for syntax length, should be BigInteger
    * [DIRSHARED-40] - DN parser, LdapDN, Rdn, Atav issues
    * [DIRSHARED-58] - Interface isn't complete
    * [DIRSHARED-60] - Equality matching rule is not required for an
attribute type description
    * [DIRSHARED-63] - LDIFEntry does not handle controls
    * [DIRSHARED-68] - schema extensions are not correctly parsed
    * [DIRSHARED-69] - To string on a Filter throws NPE on toString()
    * [DIRSHARED-71] - SearchResultEntryDsml does not use the provided
name of the attribute type
    * [DIRSHARED-72] - DnNode does not handle move and rename operations
    * [DIRSHARED-75] - AbstractSchemaLoader fails to add schema
objects if the schema name is given in capital letters

** Improvement
    * [DIRSHARED-11] - Relax the ACI grammar parser
    * [DIRSHARED-34] - LdifEntry.toString() should print LDIF rather
than diagnostic information
    * [DIRSHARED-61] - Cleaning LdapMessage classes
    * [DIRSHARED-64] - IStates and inherited interfaces/implementing
classes shpuld be enums
    * [DIRSHARED-65] - Enabling a disabled schema should also enable
any disabled schemas the current schema depends on

** New Feature
    * [DIRSHARED-28] - Need a feature like toString but different

** Task
    * [DIRSHARED-46] - The LdapDN.toString() method should use the UP
name, not the normNane
    * [DIRSHARED-50] - Rename DN methods to reflect the Client API decisions
    * [DIRSHARED-54] - Replace all the JNDI exceptions with our own
exceptions (API)
    * [DIRSHARED-59] - Replace public static finals by enums
    * [DIRSHARED-79] - Control factories must be minimalistic -
presently they have too many needless methods.
    * [DIRSHARED-80] - M1-STAGE-1: General cleanup master task

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