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From Richard Feezel <>
Subject Problems trying to get back in sync with ADS
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2011 17:21:42 GMT
I've been tied up with other issues but I'm trying to get up-to-date with
the ADS project.

I've been skimming the messages on this list as they've been coming out and
really appreciate the major effort to re-factor the code to a more
meaningful and consistent form.

Just now I did an SVN checkout of as I understand that
this branch is expected to be the path forward.

I've installed Maven 3.0.2 and after the successful checkout I tried "mvn
install -DskipTests" since I understand that the tests have not yet been
brought up to date.

Sadly the build failed with:

[INFO] -------------------------------------------------------------
package does
not exist
cannot find symbol
symbol  : class ISyncInfoValue
location: package
package does
not exist
package does
not exist
cannot find symbol
symbol  : variable SyncStateTypeEnum
location: class

and many other errors.

My question is, is it too early to expect this branch to compile regularly?

My general practice using a subversion repository is to push updates only
when I know that they at least compile,  even if not well tested.  Perhaps
the group has a different philosophy, especially when working in a branch.

Some guidance on what to expect would be appreciated.

Richard M Feezel

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