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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Project POM: 'release' profile, RAT check, altDeploymentRepository
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2011 11:28:15 GMT
Hi dev,

while preparing the JUnit Add-ons release I noticed that the parent
POM contains stuff which is IMHO outdated:

There is a 'release' profile. In outdated release documentation [1]
this profile is used. In the recent releases I didn't used the
'release' profile, so be default the 'apache-release' profile from the
org.apache:apache:8 POM is used. The plugins configurations of
maven-javadoc-plugin, maven-deploy-plugin, maven-gpg-plugin and
maven-source-plugin are identical in both profiles. The
org.apache:apache:8 POM configures an additional source-release
assembly. Our project POM contains the RAT plugin but that is
disabled. I'd propose to remove the 'release' profile because it just
duplicates the 'apache-release' profile.

If we want to activate the RAT check we should instead extend the
'apache-release' profile and add the RAT plugin configuration there.
Do we?

At last, we can remove the 'altDeploymentRepository' property which
isn't used any more.


Kind Regards,


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