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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Some more thoughts about the Dn class
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2011 15:10:04 GMT
Heads up. Here are some suggested changes on the Dn API. The existing methods have a (e) prefix.
The static methods have a (s) prefix. The added methods have a (+) prefix. The deleted methods
have a (-) prefix. The renamed methods have a (r) prefix.

Constructors :

(e)    Dn()

(e)    Dn(SchemaManager)

(e)    Dn(Rdn...)

(e)    Dn(SchemaManager, Rdn...)

(-)    Dn(String) not needed, the Dn(String...) can be used instead

(-)    Dn(SchemaManager, String)

(e)    Dn(String...)

(e)    Dn(SchemaManager, String...)

(a)    Dn(SchemaManager, Dn)

(a)    Dn(Dn, Rdn) ->  to create a new DN with a new RDN

(-)    add(String)

(-)    add(String…)

(-)    add(Rdn)

(-)    add(int, Rdn)

(-)    add(int, String)

(-)    addAll(Dn)

(-)    addAll(int, Dn)

(-)    addAllNormalized(int, Dn)

(all replaced by constructor calls)

(es)   isNullOrEmpty(Dn)

(es)   isValid(String)

(er)   isChildOf(Dn) ->  isDescendantOf(Dn)

(er)   isChildOf(String) ->  isDescendantOf(String)

(e)    isEmpty()

(-)    isNormalized() ->  delete

(er)   isParentOf(Dn) ->  isAncestorOf(Dn)

(er)   isParentOf(String) ->  isAncestorOf(String)

(e)    isRootDSE()

(?s)   getBytes(Dn) ->  package protected/delete

(?s)   getNbBytes(Dn) ->  package protected/delete

(-)    get(int) ->  delete

(e)    getNormName()

(e)    getParent()

(er)   getParent(Dn) ->  getAncestorOf(Dn)

(er)   getParent(String) ->  getAncestorOf(String)

(e)    getRdn()

(-)    getRdn(int)

(e)    getRdns()

(er)   getSuffix(int) ->  getDescendantOf(Dn)/getDescendantOf(String)

(+)    getSchemaManager() ->  added

(-)    normalize(Dn, Map<String, OidNormalizer>) ->  delete

(-)    normalize(SchemaManager, String) ->  delete

(-)    normalize(SchemaManager) ->  delete

(-)    hasSuffix(Dn) ->  delete

(-)    remove(int) ->  delete

(e)    size()

(e)    equals(Object)

(e)    hashCode()

(e)    iterator()

(e)    toString()

I won't change any of those methods unless we agreed on the operations, 
because it impacts the server and studio deeply, so I want to be sure we 
don't have to do that many times. Although as soon as we agree on some 
of them, I'll apply the agreed on modification in code.

Thanks !

Emmanuel Lécharny

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