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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject Re: [Shared] Thoughts on an M2 release?
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 12:36:49 GMT
On lundi 28 février 2011 at 05:01, Alex Karasulu wrote:
Hi folks,
> The tasks for making controls, extended operations and the protocol
> codec factory totally pluggable are complete. I was just trying to add
> a couple archetypes for creating new control or extended operation
> projects. This might help us rapidly get setup to build new extended
> operations and controls while also helping our API users. This is low
> hanging fruit for now but the real work starts up again with making
> schema's pluggable as bundles.
> Before moving on to this which we can discuss in another thread, I
> wanted to check and see if y'all want to push out another milestone
> release? This way we get something into the hands of our users so we
> can get feedback.

> Also two other points.
> (1) We should probably build out an example web application using the
> LDAP API especially with all the Serializable removal work taking
> place. It might help validate what we should and should not make
> Serializable. Plus it might be a good application to show the API in
> action. Perhaps like a little simple LDAP administrative application.
> It can go into the manual or into the code examples. WDYT?
Why not.

> (2) Should we shoot for making the schema pluggable with schema
> bundles? Right now it's already dynamic. I don't know just how much
> value this adds but it would remove the need for schema dependency
> checking by our own system, this would be delegated to the OSGi
> container to determine what schemas a dependent schema depends on.
> There are some other benefits around classloaders and isolating the
> operation of loaded code. I could probably enumerate this better with
> some sleep :).
I like Emmanuel's ideas about schemas which include specific Java code like SyntaxCheckers,
Normalizers or Comparators.
It would be neat to have this...
M3 seems a good target for this.

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