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On 1/2/11 4:05 PM, Alex Karasulu wrote:

The dn2subentry cache sounds like a valid optimization and making it a top level accesible cache also sounds right.
I went a step further, but I sent a mail explaining this extra step.

Additionally i checked out depa on DnNode and it seems out of place in shared. Had the thought that it might be best close to where it is being used.  WDYT?
DnNode is not ony used for subentries, it's also used by referrals and partitions. We could move it to core-api, but I believe it's better in shared, as it may be used by the client API.

Yes I know it's being used for referrals and partitions. Usages are in apacheds-core and in apacheds-core-api. 

There are no usages in the client API. 

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