Hi Antoine,

On 11 janv. 2011, at 14:22, Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:

I tried this Apache Directory Studio.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to test it.

First of all, it installs itself under C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Directory Studio\Apache Directory Studio.exe.

I guess you didn't add the '(x86)' string in the installer yourself...
Was it specified in the text field when you selected the install path?

One expects a 64 bit app on Windows 7 to install under C:\Program Files instead.

It should have.
Looks an issue related to the NSIS utility we are using to create the installer.

NSIS documentation at [1] indicates:
On Windows x64, $PROGRAMFILES and $PROGRAMFILES32 point to C:\Program Files (x86) while $PROGRAMFILES64 points to C:\Program Files. Use $PROGRAMFILES64 when installing x64 applications.

Easy to fix... :)

The next issue is that the program bails out immediately.

The error message shown in a popup is : "The Apache Directory Studio executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library"

I started the program with Procmon.exe watching events to see what it is trying to open but did not find out the name of the missing library.

I wished I had set up the proper set of plugins on the first shot, but it's hard when you're doing things blindly...

I'll try to find a PC with a 64 Bit Windows to test this and fix it.

Thanks for having tested this version, I hope to get back to you with a working one very soon...


[1] - http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Docs/Chapter4.html#4.2.3



On 1/10/2011 10:10 AM, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot wrote:
Hi Stefan, Antoine,

I updated Studio to the latest Eclipse dependencies (Helios release, version 3.6.1) last week.

A Windows 64 Bit distribution of Apache Directory Studio is now available.

Unfortunately I don't any machine/VM to test it.

Do you mind trying it out?

It is available at our nightly build Hudson job:
Or, you can build it from Studio's current trunk (with 'win32-x86_64' maven profile activated).


PS: Don't pay attention to the Eclipse icon on the "Apache Directory Studio.exe" launcher file. It's in the process of being replaced by a proper one in a couple of days.

On 21 déc. 2010, at 22:48, Stefan Seelmann wrote: