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From Kiran Ayyagari <>
Subject Re: ADS 2.0 : what, how and when?
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 15:29:07 GMT
On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 8:15 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> dHi guys,
> <warning, long mail ;)>
> as the 2.0 release is on its (slow) way, it's probably time to check if we
> are ready for such a release. I see three different things we have to
> discuss :
> 1) What : in other words, what is the perimeter of such a release ? What
> should be put in the box ?
> 2) How : or is there a roadmap that can help us to fulfill this commitment,
> and who is takng responsability of each part of this roadmap.
> 3) When : usually, the answer to a user asking us about the release date is
> "When it's ready". However, there are probably some timeframe we can
> discuss.
> Let's start with the 'What' part first.
> What
> ----
> (FTR, The last release we did, Apache Directory Server 1.5.7 was issued on
> april, 24th, 2010)
> Hopefully, we have JIRA which stores the issues, tasks and wishes, and it's
> the first input we will use to determinate the 'what'. Let's move back to
> the past a bit. In may, 26th, 2010, a mail about the version scheme was sent
> and discussed on the directory ML [1][2]. What was proposed back and agreed
> then was :
> - skip ADS-1.5.8 and target a 2.0.0-RC1 instead
> - skip shared-0.9.20 and target for a 1.0.0-RC1 instead
> - Keep the RC in order to give us the opportunity to stabilize the code
> *and* the documentation
> What was also raised at this time is that once we will jump for a
> 2.0(server) and 1.0(api), we will be stuck with the exposed interfaces for a
> very long time, so we'd better be careful. This still stand.
> We then started to move forward, cleaning some parts that needed it,
> following the classic #bug report  :
> - installers were totally rewrote [8]
> - configuration has been completely re-factored, it's now stored in DIT
> - all the 1.5.8/1.5.9 issues have been moved to 2.0.0-RC1 in JIRA
> - performances of each operations were greatly improved (by a factor 2 to 4)
> [5]
> - some discussions about the JDBM backend occured, we agreed we should have
> a MVCC backend sooner or later, but no clear decision was even stated about
> when we should do that. However, recollecting my memory, it seems that it's
> out of question for 2.0.
> - Multi-Master replication has been added [2]
a small correction it is only master-slave replication atm
> - we moved documentation from Confluence to use Dockbook instead [6]
> - PasswordPolicy have been added
> - the ACI subsystem has been reviewed [3]
> - some refactoring of shared has been discussed and started [4]
> - the various LDAP messages data structure have been merged (a long expected
> task)
> - some discussion started about the shared/API merge [7][9][10]
> - the kerberos codec has been completely rewritten [11]
> - AdministrativeModel implementation refactoring has been started (support
> of IAP is at stake)
> All those parts have been heavily discussed, as discussion about a 2.0
> release started back in january 2009 ! [12] This effort has been pursued and
> in may 2010, we started a bug parade [13] (reports are available on [14],
> [15], [16], [17], [18]). Then we hit some serious issues in the code that
> needed more than a few lines of code, bt some serious refactoring (namely,
> config in DIT, ACI subsystem, Kerberos refactoring, AdministrativeModel).
> Those huge refactoring stopped the release effort until they are done.
> Right now, we are almost ready to start again to run the bug parade, once
> the Administrative Model is finished (still working on that).
> Sooo... time to review what's missing, and what's need some love now. This
> is the 'What' part we all are looking at, and the best point to start it
> will be to look at opened JIRAes. Otherwise, we still have to discuss some
> serious re-factoring to be done in Shared.
> Back in december, Alex started to review Shared, we discussed about it, and
> we agreed that the work started on september was not enough. The rationals
> are clear :
> - shared and API *are* the same thing. We want to merge the client-API and
> shared to provide a LdapAPI (and we even started a new project for that).
> - many classes are useless, and need to be removed. Alex started to do that
> in a shared branch
> - some modules are to be reworked, we should probably rename some, and Alex
> is experimenting in the shared branch
> - we also have to discuss about moving some classes out of shared (DnNode,
> and may be a few more) or moving in some others (Subentry classes in
> core-api). This is a part we can have some disagreement, but it's not really
> a big deal at the end.
> There may be some other elements, but nothing is yet decided, so it's fine
> to add there what is missing.
> Otherwise, we have to remember that we have 3 different 'release' at stake
> here :
> - ADS 2.0
> - Studio 2.0
> - LdapAPI 1.0 (ex-shared)
> LdapAPI is absolutely *critical*. Once it's out, there is no way for us to
> change it, because it will be heavily sued, as it's meant to be a
> replacement for JNDI, and many of the outdated LDAP API. So we have to be
> extraordinary cautious in this area.
> However, and that's the good point, we can spend as much time as needed to
> get LdapAPI 1.0 out, as it won't be a show-stopper for ADS and Studio. It
> doesn't matter if we continue with a shared-0.9.20 in ADS 2.0 or in Studio
> 2.0, because ADS will be used way more often as a standalone server, or even
> if it's embedded, the exposed interface will be the core-API part, which is
> not part of LdapAPI (except a few classes which will need some careful
> review).
the LdapAPI is already stable and perfectly shielded from the
internals of shared, so
I see no issue from a user POV cause they are dependent on the LdapConnection
interface only

> That's if for the 'what', at least from my perception of the 'what'. Please
> feel free to add any relevant information here.
> How
> ---
> The 'how' is clearly simpler, as it's a matter of defining the schedule. as
> of today, we have tried to start a 2.0 release at least twice, and we
> stopped it twice, because some areas were so badly problematic that they
> needed some heavy refactoring. I hope we will soon be out of this maze.
> Currently, if we think about the way to schedule the path toward 2.0, here
> is how I see it :
> - trunk-AP is a branch used to refactor the AdministrativeModel. It's a
> complex task, which will probably take 2 more weeks. i'm merging back any
> change done in the server to avoid having some issues when I'll do the merge
> back to the server
> - alex-refactoring is a branch where Alex is doing some experiment and
> cleanup on shared. It will probably be done fast, and then we can also
> consider discussing the potential impacts of such refactoring. it's
> important to stress out that those change are crucial, and they *have* to be
> done. However, as shared is used all over the server and studio, it will
> probably need a staging during which we will only get the merge done.
> - In the mean time, we agreed that AP refactoring should be done asap,
> because it depends on shared (thanks to subversion, merging a branch can be
> a nightmare... We should consider switching to Git at some point after 2.0
> :)
> Once those 3 steps are done, I do think we are ready for a 2.0-RC1 bug
> parade. We have :
> - DIR : 13 issues [19]
> - DIRSERVER : 136 issues [20]
> - DIRSHARED : 8 issues [24]
> - DIRAPI : 14 issues [21], [22]
> - DIRKRB : 10 issues [23]
> Not all of them are bugs, hopefully ! We "only" have 54 bugs out of those
> 181 issues.
> So the 'how' part is just about discussing the timing, and organization
> (what should be done in branch, when should it be merged back, etc). I don't
> think it will be an obstacle.
> When
> ----
> The most difficult part ! The ASF is not a place were people can get a clear
> date, like M$ does. We don't release for a date, we release when "it's
> ready".
> However, we can't also stay in a never ending story, with continuous
> addition of features. The very nature of our work make it impossible to be
> satisfied by what we deliver, and we should accept the idea that we won't
> provide the absolute perfection. We all know that...
> That being said, and sorry if it sounds like a lecture, because it's not, we
> have to get something out soon, and we should now be able to define some
> milestones.
> Here is how I see the planning :
> ***Server***
> - 2.0.0-RC1 should be ready by end of january, end of february. Enough said
> if I estimate the effort to something around 4 to 8 weeks.
> - 2.0.0-RC2 could take as long a 3 months. We haven't yet mentioned 2 things
> that are absolutely essentials : documentation and migration from 1.5.7. I
> think that those 3 months will be a perfect delay to get those two things
> done, plus of course fixing bugs, and such tasks. This leads us to june.
> - 2.0-GA could be ready by september. This is another 3 months, and we can
> use this time to conduct heavy tests, and improve the Disaster Recovery
> System, side components (like an HTTP admin based component), shaking the
> Multi-Master replication, etc.
> ***Studio***
> - 2.0.0-RC1 can be out at the same time or slightly after 2.0.0 is out. i'm
> not the expert in this area, I would let Stefan and Pierre-Arnaud giving us
> a better perspective on this
> ***LDAPApi*** (ex shared/clientAPI)
> - 0.9.20 delivered when ADS 2.0.0-RC1 is out
> - as many 0.9.2x as needed to get a stabilized version of the API,
> - 1.0-RC1 probably by september too. I may be a bit pessimistic here, and be
> happy to be demonstrated pessimistic, but here I share Alex' concern about
> the API freeze. Once 1.0 is out, we will have to live with it for *years*
> - 1.0-GA maybe by the end of this year.
> ---Conclusion---
> Pfff... that was a long mail. I have tried to add as much as factual
> elements on it, so that there is no misconception about this roadmap. Of
> course, this is not written in marble, it was much more intended as a
> snapshot of the current development state.
> All of these points can be discussed, the 'what', the 'how' and even the
> 'when'. We don't have a Poject Leader, we are just a community, and it's the
> only way we can get this server out.
> I hope I have phrased what I have in mind in a way that is not
> controversial, because it was not my intention, but if you think I have
> mis-represented, or forgot anything, please feel free to mention it.
> Last, not least, I wish all of you a Happy New year, and I hope we can get
> ADS 2.0 out and in good shape, because we have worked like dogs for it, and
> we deserve to chew a bone now :)
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
> [7]
> [8]
> [9]
> [10]
> [11]
> [12]
> [13]
> [14]
> [15]
> [16]
> [17]
> [18]
> [19]
> [20]
> [21]
> [22]
> [23]
> [24]
> [25]
> --
> Regards,
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel Lécharny

thanks for summarizing in detail, Emmanuel

Kiran Ayyagari

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