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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [ASN.1] Thoughts about ASN.1 code
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2011 19:17:41 GMT
On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 8:49 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> On 1/21/11 7:56 AM, Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> ASN1 BER =>  shared-asn1-ber
>>    o again has some old remnant code that needs cleanup
> I checked all the classes in shared-asn1-ber, and I don't see any that is
> not necessary. May be you have some tool that prove me wrong though, and
> then, we will have to remove the spurious classes.

No worries I did not look at these but if you think they're needed
then they are.

>>    o some interfaces are here that can be exposed as SPI
> The interface we have in this module are :
> - Action
> - Grammar
> - States
> - TLVBerDecoderMBean (probably useless at this point)

OK then let's blow it away if you think so. We can always pull it out
again if we need it.

> - Asn1Container
> Let's check what has to be exposed here.
>>    o some stuff seems reusable regarding of encoding used like Value etc
> Value is really depending on the encoding. It's for BER/DER only

OK so it's an SPI that would be used if someone wanted to write
another a lower ASN.1 codec layer?

>>    o need to check dependencies, how much are we exposing and using
>> from outside how much can we actually hide here
> Sure. Those classes are only necessary for those who want to implement a
> codec, and who know how to do that. Ie, atm, Kiran and me :)


> It would be great to document this part...

Aye. Let's look at these bundles as our bundles of joy where we add
some descent doc to em.

>>    o BER/DER/CER flag for changing mode of operation?
> Not necessary at this point, as we only use BER and DER, and they are not
> really different. For Kerberos and LDAP, what we have is enough (in fact,
> LDAP is not even using the full BER spec, it extends it a bit).

Right. OK so this stuff is still a bit LDAP specific then. Maybe we
can toggle those specific features if in the future we need to use the
ASN.1 code for more.

BTW just a heads up. I fell asleep for a few hours. There was a power
outage and I was tired so I said let me grab 30 minutes of snooze
time. 4-5 hours later ...

Alex Karasulu
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