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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [OSGi] Studio Build - Summary of IRC Conversations
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 18:26:09 GMT
Hi all,

This is to sum up some conversations we had on IRC today regarding
OSGi, Studio, Shared Libs and ApacheDS.


Because the shared libraries which Studio depends upon are not OSGi
bundles, Studio (an Eclipse RCP application using OSGi) uses a
technique in it's build to wrap these external dependencies into
bundles but depends on the artifact to do so. This causes an issue
inside the IDE while refactoring. When one reactors classes these
shared libraries, the Studio code depending on the shared classes
being refactored are not updated even when they are imported into the
IDE as projects.
The same issues occur when refactoring ApacheDS projects that certain
Studio plugins depend on.

This problem currently makes it so any changes in shared must be
manually propagated to Studio doubling the work effort. We would like
this problem to go away.

Possible Solution

If the shared libraries are converted into OSGi bundles, then Studio
can directly have dependencies on them as opposed to wrapping them as
bundles and depending on the bundles, which in turn depend on the
library jar artifact.

This way we're hoping changes to shared code while refactoring will
propagate to the Studio code depending on shared classes. This way the
problem will go away.

Simple Experiment

As a test we'll convert the shared i18n library into a bundle and try
to get Studio to directly depend on this bundle and see if refactoring
changes propage inside the Eclipse IDE.

Alex Karasulu
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