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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject Re: Maven 3.0 plugin dependencies
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 10:21:02 GMT
On 27 janv. 2011, at 11:07, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

> On 1/27/11 10:57 AM, Stefan Seelmann wrote:
>> Hi Emmanuel,
>> we actually define the plugin versions in the 'project' POM's
>> pluginManagement section. I already updated the versions there some
>> days ago. So as soon as the other projects (shared, apacheds, studio)
>> use the new parent the new plugin versions are used.
> Sh*it, I forgot about it :) Though, we still have some plugins with a version defined
in shared/pom.xml or apacheds/pom.xml.
>> The question is if it is good practice, as we need to release a new
>> 'project' POM quite often.
> Good question. Now, Alex has created a "meta" project, in trunks, and may be it's a good
idea to move what we have in project there. (trunks links to all the projects, including Studio)

Not a good idea to me.
I see this 'trunks' POM exactly as the 'trunk-with-dependencies' POM we used before.
This is just a 'workaround' to gather all the majors sub-projects via SVN externals into a
single build process.

Depending on the 'trunks' POM would make a release much more complicated and probably implicates
that we release all sub-projects at the same time.

> I'm not even sure that the Project project is such a good idea right now. I'm also wondering
if we should not keep the dependencies in each sub-projects, as it's very likely we will release
Shared/LdapAPI separately.

I find the 'project' very interesting for storing common configuration to all sub-projects
for site generation, plugins management, etc.
I strongly believe each sub-projects needs to define its dependencies on its own because we
might not want to always depend on the latest version of one library or another.
For example, until recent modifications, Studio has been using an old version of Shared for
around 1,5 year and 3 different releases.

Now, if each version defined in a root POM can be overridden to another version in a sub-project
pom it might work as expected.
Maybe something we need to try...

> Something we have to discuss about.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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