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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Control encoding
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2011 12:02:38 GMT

yesterday, we faced an issue in core-integ while running tests. The 
problem was the following :
- in a test, we call the server (through the ServerContext layer), doing 
a search request with a Subentries control
- this control was created using the LDAP API (thus it was in fact a 
- in order to use this control in ServerContext, we had to convert it to 
a Jndi Control
- a Jndi Control stores the value as an opaque byte[], so the encoded 
value of the control is created using the ControlDecorator.encode() method
- then inside the server, we transfrom this Jndi Control into a LdapAPI 
- it becomes a ControlDecorator of a specific type, dictated by the 
control's OID. ie, as we have something which has a Subentries OID? we 
create a SubentriesDecorator
- and at the end, we feed the SubentriesDecorator with the value we have 
to decode, using the SubentriesDecoder.

This is where we were blocked, because the encoded value was not the 
Subentries contained value (ie, a Boolean) but the full control encoded 
vaue, with the envelop (the SEQ, the OID, the criticality *and* the 

The bug is that we use the ConrolDecorator.encode() method in step 3 
(conversion from API Control to Jndi Control), which encodes the envelop 

Should we modify the way a ControlDecoratot encode itself ? This is an 
option, but I think it would be bad, because it means we have to encode 
the envelop *outside* the control, thus not knowing the encoded total 

I'd rather add a new methods to the ControlDecorator, a encodeValue() 
method, which will be the symetric method to the decode() method (which 
should also be renamed decodeValue()).

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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