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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: Maven 3 and site generation
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2011 06:47:19 GMT
>>>> I don't know if M3 site plugins configuration is
>>>> inheritable/expandable to
>>>> add additional reports for specific modules/projects. That's why I
>>>> wonder if
>>>> it wouldn't make more sense defining the site plugins configuration
>>>> rather
>>>> in each projects pom.xml (studio/shared/apacheds/...) than in the
>>>> directory/project/pom.xml?
>>> Good point.
>>> It was a weakness of the M2 reporting configuration that it wasn't
>>> inheritable. I hope(d) that would be fixed in M3, but we can just test
>>> it.
>> Up to now I wasn't successfull. All I got was an error like
>> "failed to get Reports: Could not find goal 'cim' in plugin" ...
> This help a bit. Let's do some
> more testing ...

IMO it's less complicated and less painfull when dropping the 
maven-site-plugin configuration from the project/pom.xml (parent) and 
fully configure it in each subproject's own pom.xml 

Using workarounds (like MSITE-484) will not really make things more 
stable and understandable. The KISS principle will make it also easier 
to understand the plugin configuration.


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