At this stage I would like to merge the branch antoine back to trunk.

In the branch I created a DelegatingAuthenticator class and made changes so that all the authenticators can be configured in the DIT.

Because of this as seelmann noticed I created some new OIDs.

I also created a test suite for the DelegatingAuthenticator and did a small change to the framework test runner to be able to have a method level LDAP server.

Let me know if this is good enough ? Because of the new OIDs and other artefacts which can change fast on the trunk I am eager to get this in soon.



On 11/23/10 3:51 PM, Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
On 11/23/10 3:33 PM, Alex Karasulu wrote:

OK I added you and created a branch for you to work in here:

Give it a try.