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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Partitions: partitionDir, workingDirectory, ldifFile
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 15:39:06 GMT
Hi dev,

our current partition implementations use different fields/methods to
configure the location where partition data is persisted:
- BTreePartition defines a 'partitionDir' with getter/setter, this is
used by the JdbmPartition
- AbstractLdifPartition defines a 'workingDirectory' with
getter/setter, this is used by LdifPartition
- SingleFileLdifPartition defines a 'ldifFile' which is set by the constructor

I'd like to propose to remove the existing fields and to add a new
'partitionLocation' (or partitionPath? better names welcomed) field
including getter/setter instead:
- for JdbmPartition and LdifPartition this points to a directory in file system
- for SingleFileLdifPartition this points to the single LDIF file in file system


Kind Regards,

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