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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [AdminPoint] Add operation
Date Fri, 17 Dec 2010 13:37:37 GMT
Here is the description of an Add operation, and how it's handled by the 
AdministrativePoint handler. The parts between >>>--- and ---<<< are 
pseudo code.


We have to deal with three cases :
- the AP has a parent AP (IAP or SAP, it's irrelevant) and no 
subordinate IAP
- the AP has a parent AP but some subordinate IAPs
   in this second case, we have to change the IAPs seqNumber to reflect 
the change in entries relationship, recusively.
- the AP has no parent AP

The second case is the most complex.

for each AP role
   get a new seqNumber, add it to the AP(role)
   update the AP(role) cache

   if hasParentAP( AP(role) )
       if hasSubordonateIAP( AP(role) )
           for each subordinate IAP(role) (and their own subordinates)
             modify the subordinate IAP(role) seqNumber with the new 
             store the IAP(role)

continue down the chain


We can't add a subentry if the immediate parent is not an AP and if the 
parent AP does not have the same role (or of the parent  is an IAP and 
there are no higher parent with the same role).

Otherwise, adding a subentry is just a matter to update the parent's AP 
seqNumber (and all the hierarchy up to the first SAP if it's an IAP)

As a subentry is only associated with one single role, we don't have to 
loop on all the roles

check the parentAP for the role

get a new new seqNumber

update the parentAP and all its IAP subordinate with the same role with 
the new seqNumber

continue down the chain


When we add an entry, we have to check if it depends on an AP for each 
roles. If so, we have to add the AP seqNumber into the entry, and add 
references to all the subentry it is related too.

for each role
   for each parent AP(role)
     get the parentAP(role) seqNumber, store it into the entry

     for each subentry associated with the AP(role) do
       if the entry is part of the subtree
         then add the subentry entryUUID into the entry references

continue down the chain

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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