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Hi Guys,

First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm a undergrad student from Brazil that loves FOSS, distributed systems and the Java Platform. I'm finishing my undergrad this year and I'll go directly to my masters.  I'm reading the O'reilly LDAP book and I'm just fascinated with it. 

Wow my kind of guy. You doing this for fun and curiosity? :-)
I'll try to associate some of the directory service concepts as I advance in the masters and solidifies (the knowledge), and try to relate them somehow with a research of my advisor. With all this in consideration, I'm really interested on getting up to understand and code for the Apache Directory project. I know that the GSoC is one of the best ways to get started (have a brief in the project). I tried to find some wiki pages to get started to code for the project, but found none. Is there any document that explain the basics of the project?

Start with the documentation and use the products. Then take a look at how you can help by checking out our JIRA and seeing where and how you can contribute. It's always good to start writing test code to increase our code coverage while you get familiar with the code base.
This year I participated for on GSoC for the GNU Classpath project. Also, I submitted a proposal too, that got accepted, to work on Apache Harmony. I decided to go for classpath because it was related to a topic that I'm more comfortable (as I would work with X11).  But the apache harmony was really great too (but I would work on javadoc which :'/). I did a some patches to harmony and signed the CLA.

Doco is great too - more important than code at times.
Welcome Marcos.

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