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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Kerberos tests fixed (almost all of them)
Date Mon, 22 Nov 2010 19:35:37 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

> so today I was able to get the kerberos tests working, and I also removed
> the @Ignore Felix has added. There is only one failing tests and I added an
> @Ignore on it : TicketTest.ticketTest().
> I also @Ignored the PPolicy tests, as there are some issues with the codec,
> I gonna fix them soon.
> We are moving again.

Many thanks.

> FYI, I wasn't able to run all the tests fully, I had one test blocking in
> server-integ. It seems that we have some intermittent issue when using the
> LDAP-API : like if the server sent the response but it was incorrectly
> processed by the API, which is waiting forever. We need to add a timeout on
> the client side, otherwise it will kill the users (and obvioulsy, we have to
> investingate this issue too, and find a fix).
> I bet that there is some race condition in the LDAP-API.

We have hanging tests in server-integ on Hudson's Windows job and I
was able to reproduce the pb on a Windows VM. From thread dumps I saw
that (at least one) pb was in StartTLS test and was caused by JNDI
when using StartTLS extended operation. Unfortunately the VM crashed,
I'll try to reproduce it again and post the thread dump.

Kind Regards,

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