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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Kerberos Codec heads up
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2010 09:54:18 GMT
Hi guys,

we are making progress. Here is a status of the current work :
- We are adding grammar after grammar, and it takes a big longer than 
expected, mostly due to the complexity we are facing with the grammar 
chaining (something we didn't had to deal with on LDAP). However, I 
think that most of the problems are now known, and solved
- the following messages and components are now written :
  o Ticket
  o EncryptedData, PrincipalName, HostAddress, HostAddresses, 
AuthorizationData, KDC-REQ-BODY, KDC-REQ, EncryptionKey
- There are still a lot of grammar to process, and some are pretty complex
- Once all the grammars will be written, we will have to implement the 
KerberosDecoder, and it will be a two steps decoder : first we will 
decode the PDU length, and grab the value as an opaque block, then the 
second step will process the read PDU as a whole, and as we will have 
all the data, the decoder will be able to decode everything. It's 
slightly more complicated than for the LDAP decoder, and will cost an 
extra step, but it's an acceptable solution, IMO
- I will create a JIRA for each grammar to be decoded, in order to trace 
the progression more easily.

That's it for today, let's get this beast done by the end of november now !

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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