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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject [ApacheDS 2.0] Should we remove the 'System' partition?
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 12:12:16 GMT
Hi Dev,

I'm really wondering if we should not remove the 'System' partition.

The only interesting piece of information we're taking from it is the admin user, especially
the its password.
Wouldn't be more interesting to store this information in the config partition?

Except the Admin user the other entries of that partition look like crap and legacy from old

The following configuration entries are no longer used:
- ou=configuration,ou=system
  | - ou=interceptors,ou=configuration,ou=system
  | - ou=partitions,ou=configuration,ou=system
  | - ou=services,ou=configuration,ou=system

I don't know the role of this entry 'prefNodeName=sysPrefRoot,ou=system', if it still has
any role?

The following entries are not very useful too:
- ou=groups,ou=system
  | - cn=Administrators,ou=groups,ou=system
- ou=users,ou=system

Isn't is better that the user creates its users in its own partition?
Even our admin user is not in the 'ou=users' organizational unit...

As you can see, the only valid information in the whole partition is the credentials of the
admin (should we say default) user.

I really think this information should be placed in the configuration (we could also allow
the redefinition of the admin user DN).
It would allow the user to edit these settings without having to start the server (at least)


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