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From Kiran Ayyagari <>
Subject Re: ADS 2.0 layout
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2010 07:36:19 GMT
On 10/28/10, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm now trying to initialize the server after having read the
> configuration, and I have some issues with the instanceLayout : it's not
> possible right now to use this layout in the ConfigBuilder, as it's
> associated with the DirectoryService, but as we haven't initialized it,
> we can't access it.
> I think I have to inject this layout into the DirectoryServiceBean, but
> this default layout may be overloaded by some value stored into the
> configuration.
in this current situation we cannot start the server without defining
a work-dir or
instancelayout cause during the initial start we *need* to extract(to
where? this
is answered by the given workdir/instancelayou) the schema resources
and create a schema partition.
so there lies a chicke-egg issue, this is the main reason we cannot
store/read the workdir
location from config partition.
> The current default layout is the following :
> <directory root>
>    |
>    +-- conf/
>    |     |
>    |     +--
>    |     |
>    |     +-- wrapper.conf
>    |     |
>    |     +-- config.ldif
>    |
>    +-- run/
>    |
>    +-- partitions/
>    |
>    +-- log/
> When reading the configuration, we will be able to modify some of those
> defaults :
> - Journal directory + file name (default to <directory root>/journal.ldif
this is possible
> - Index directory + file name
please note that this is *only* possible in case of JDBM, cause JDBM
lets us create
recordmanagers at different locations
In case of most(any) other partition implementations this option is not useful.
> We don't have the possibility to configure the partition path (it
> defaults to <directoryRoot>/<partitionName>) which is not good.
again this is only relevant for JDBM, no other partition
implementations may need it
> Also
> note that the partition is not stored into the partitions/ directory,
> because we don't have access to this parameter when creating the partition.
no it will be, perhaps you might have changed some code in the config
cause this is the directory which is passed while instantiating the
ConfigReader present in

> I will add a working directory and a file name parameter in the
> Partition OC, plus a way to access the layout from the directoryService
> when building the elements, that should do the trick.
if it is possible then thats fine, but it might need some bends and
tricks to make it work..

Kiran Ayyagari

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