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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject ADS 2.0 layout
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2010 23:17:03 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm now trying to initialize the server after having read the 
configuration, and I have some issues with the instanceLayout : it's not 
possible right now to use this layout in the ConfigBuilder, as it's 
associated with the DirectoryService, but as we haven't initialized it, 
we can't access it.

I think I have to inject this layout into the DirectoryServiceBean, but 
this default layout may be overloaded by some value stored into the 

The current default layout is the following :
<directory root>
   +-- conf/
   |     |
   |     +--
   |     |
   |     +-- wrapper.conf
   |     |
   |     +-- config.ldif
   +-- run/
   +-- partitions/
   +-- log/

When reading the configuration, we will be able to modify some of those 
defaults :
- Journal directory + file name (default to <directory root>/journal.ldif
- Index directory + file name

We don't have the possibility to configure the partition path (it 
defaults to <directoryRoot>/<partitionName>) which is not good. Also 
note that the partition is not stored into the partitions/ directory, 
because we don't have access to this parameter when creating the partition.

I will add a working directory and a file name parameter in the 
Partition OC, plus a way to access the layout from the directoryService 
when building the elements, that should do the trick.

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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