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I've been talking with some potential users and they've expressed an interest in integrating RADIUS with their directory.

We had a few friends working on a MINA based RADIUS server a few years ago. I think that's what Emmanuel was referring to. Eventually we were going to integrate it into ApacheDS as another module that plugs into the network layer as another MINA based network service.
The guys that worked on it created a RADIUS project at safehaus called ObjectRADIUS. Due to some issues they had with their employer they had to stop working on the project but the code did come along to some extent.

I did a quick search for RADIUS in the dev list archive and found no discussion regarding the posibility of integrating a RADIUS server with ADS.  Is there any interest among the developers in supporting RADIUS?

Integrating a MINA based RADIUS server into the mix within ADS is something we're definitely interested in. Please feel free to investigate this and let us know how we can help you.


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