On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 2:38 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
 On 9/18/10 9:20 PM, Stefan Seelmann wrote:

One more thing, just to clarify my last mail about OSGi (I read it and found
it a bit like I was micro-managing) : I think that we should wait for the
next release of ADS (ie, post 2.0.0-RC1) because we will probably do some
other changes in shared (like rename it to API) and we would like to release
this asap. Working in a branch on OSGi is just a way to be sure that there
won't be any contention in this area, and of course, if the OSGi
implementation is finished before we are ready for a release, I have nothing
against merging back the branch into trunk.
Is it really that difficult to make shared/api OSGi bundles? Please
correct me if I' wrong, but we just need to add the right
META-INF/MANIFEST.MF that could be generated by the Felix plugin.
Additionally we need to make sure that we have now split packages,
that is atm the case for o.a.d.shared.ldap.schema, but could be fixed
easy. My hope is that we can then use the shared/api bundle directly
in Studio.

I have no idea. I just want to be sure that it does not stop us when we are so close to a release. We may aven do that after we have released Shared/API and before ApacheDS 2.0-RC1. I mean, we have almost closed all the issues we have in API and shared expecting to be able to release this week, and now that it's done, thinking about adding these OSGi stuff is just a bit too much for me. More or less, it's just a problem in the agenda, not a technical issue.

I agree with Emm here it's not worth the hassle unless you guys see it as a clear benefit in Studio.
In other word,s if this take 2 hours, and not 3 days, I'm +1, but what I'm afraid of is that we don't have enough people with some knowledge in this area to solve an issue that would potentially arise just before, or even worse, just after we have released.

Yes this is a worry of mine as well but I was thinking this was a small effort for shared and much much more complicated for the server itself.
That's all what I had in mind when I asked Alex to do that in a branch : I was scared that it can break the schedule we are trying to set :/

May be I'm wrong, or just extra cautious, I don't know...

Let's play it safe and get the release out without worrying about this additional factor. 


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