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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject [Studio 2.0] Move to the latest version of Shared + Use of the Apache Directory LDAP API as a connection wrapper for the Connection & LDAP Browser plugins
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 12:26:47 GMT
Hi Dev,

Since Shared (API in a few days/weeks) is now on its way to be released very soon and my work
on the LDAP Servers plugin is almost over, I'd like to start the move to the latest version
of Shared (API) for Studio.

The current trunk is still using version 0.9.17 of Shared, which is getting quite old now...

This morning I simulated the move to the latest trunk of Shared and there'll be a lot of work
needed to match the huge refactorings that took place since the release of version 0.9.17....

More than 2340 errors in Eclipse, mainly due to classes or methods being renamed/moved/removed.

I'd also like to start working on bringing the LDAP API as an alternate connection wrapper
to the currently used JNDI.

Maybe it's best that we create a branch to work on that?

Thoughts? Any objections?

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