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From Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot>
Subject [ApacheDS 2.0] Installation layout
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 15:44:05 GMT
Hi Dev,

Since the 'server.xml' is now dead and buried, and the 2.0 release approaching, I'd like to
start the refactoring of the installers and installation layouts.

ApacheDS 1.5.x supported multiple instances (with a default instance created with each native
installer), I think Apache DS 2.0 should continue to support this feature.
In order to do that, two default layouts need to be (re-)defined, one for Apache DS itself
(the InstallationLayout) and one for each instance (the InstanceLayout).

/bin/apacheds(.exe) 			--> ApacheDS (Tanuki) wrapper
/bin/apacheds-tools(.bat)		--> ApacheDS Tools command line script
/conf/wrapper.conf			--> Tanuki Wrapper configuration (common to all instances)
/lib/							--> Folder for all ApacheDS libraries

/conf/wrapper.conf			--> Tanuki Wrapper configuration (specific to this instance)
/conf/			--> Log4J configuration
/conf/config.ldif				--> LDIF based configuration file (also accessible under 'ou=config'
when the server is started)
/log/apacheds-rolling.log		--> Log file (could also be placed at /var/log/apacheds-instancename/
under linux)
/partitions/					--> Folder for all partition (except 'config')
/partitions/example			--> Example partition folder
/partitions/schema			--> Schema partition folder
/partition/system				--> System partition folder
/run/			--> Apache DS instance pid file when the server is running (could also
be placed at /var/run/... under linux)

Here's the layouts I had in mind.
I tried to keep most of the existing stuff we already had.

There are some things which need an extra work (like the LDIF based configuration on a single
file, as well as the ability to save that outside of the boundaries of the 'partitions' folder.
But I really think having all configuration files stored in a single location is a must.

Thoughts ?


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