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What exactly is cleaner?
Cleaner => less class, less conversion from class X to class Y.

If we consider a request sent from a client using the clinet API to the server, here are the conversion we are doing atm :

client -> AddRequest (API class) creation ---> converted to AddRequestCodec ---> converted to byte[] --->
( -- network -- ) ---> converted to AddRequestCodec ---> converted to AddRequestImpl (internal structure used in the server ---> Add processing  ---> AddResponseImpl creation ---> conversion to AddResponseCodec ---> converted to byte[] --->
( -- network -- ) ---> converted to AddResponseCodec ---> converted the AddResponse (Cient API class) !

Ahh OKIE you're 100% right about cleaner without this freaking mess.

As we can see, there are mandatory conversions (from message to byte[] or byte[] to message), but every message ---> message conversion are totaly a waste of time, CPU and code.

I'm "cleaning" this.

Excellent thanks Em.

What I am afraid of is that this might be a bit
more personal perspective.
Nope. This has been discussed lately, and it's a decision we took in order to be able to modify the client API, as we can't transform the lookup() method to make it returning an Entry, just because of those spurious classes.

Yep yep I was not completely aware of exactly what you meant. Now I'm on the same page. Thanks for taking the time to update me. God bless you for undertaking this boring and dirty task.
Anyway, this is a 5 years old task whch has been postponed for ever, and august is a good period to do such modifications.

Heh yeah nothing happens in Aug.
 Also is this being done in a branch so the net
affect on the API can be evaluated?
Of course ! Follow the commits ...

Excellent thanks again!

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