Hi dev, Stefan, Emmanuel,

Thanks a lot Stefan, Emmanuel for your comments, suggestions and appreciation.

I will try my best to complete the remaining two Jiras by August 9th and will complete unit tests for persistence-core for sure. And also if we can finish those things before 16th of August we can look in to the improvements as suggested by Stefan.

I really like to work with you all after the GSoC and will do for sure.

Thanks again for all of your help and guidance.


On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 2:54 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
 On 8/6/10 10:14 AM, Stefan Seelmann wrote:
Hi dev,
Hi Stefan, Kasun,

the GSoC 2010 is in it's final stage.

Kasun did a great job till now. From an existing entry it is possible
to generate a Java Bean class and a DAO class. The DAO class uses the
new LDAP API in version 0.1. In a wizard all required information is
collected from the user.

The 9th of August is "soft" pencils down date. Till this date the
project should be finished. I expect that all remaining issues [1] are
resolved till then.

The 16th of August is pencils down date. This week should be used to
to cleanup the code and to write some documentation.

Here is a random list what should be done till then:
- Code cleanup (e.g. remove code duplications)
- Some improvements in the wizard (e.g. re-arrange widgets, sort
attribute list, pre-select all attributes of the entry, exclude
objectClass attribute)
- Complete unit tests to cover core code
- Complete Javadoc
- Write a simple user guide

I would suggest starting with unit tests. They are the absolute guarantee that we can move on and modify the code without breaking it. Code cleanup is dangerous if we don't have unit tests.

May I suggest we also tag the code when the 'soft' pencil down date is reached ? This would help if we need to revert some commits, if for instance we go too far in the cleanup and we don't have a running code, for instance :)

And some nice-to-have items, if there is time:
- Add unit tests to test that the generated code is correct
- Generate a maven project including a pom.xml with all required dependencies
- Generate test classes for the maven project (see example project)

I'll create new Jiras for those items.

Thanks a lot and great job from bot of you !

Kind Regards,

PS: I hope that Kasun will continue his good work after the GSoC
project. I have so many ideas for the future:
- Make the tool extensible so that wizards and templates for other
languages and LDAP APIs can be supported
- Add support for relationships between LDAP entries
- Analyze the whole DIT
yeah, my wish too. If things goes well, I also expect that it ends with a vote to grant Kasun commit access.


Emmanuel Lécharny