On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 10:51 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
 On 8/12/10 4:24 PM, feezelr@gdls.com wrote:

My home system is Fedora Core 13 Linux with the Sun JDK 1.6_20,
Subversion, Maven 2.2.1, and Eclipse 3.6 installed.

Back at a command prompt I tried running the following to make sure
everything was working.

4)      "mvn test"

Only one test "testSaslGssapiBind" is failing, and, looking at the test
code, it appears that the author doesn't expect this one to work yet.
Strange. All the tests are passing on our linux machines.

Have you tried mvn clean install -Dintegration ?

I have not tried that.  I don't know how that differs from not specifying "integration".

However, after looking at the error I was getting which indicated that the LDAP service principle wasn't being found I set "sun.security.krb5.debug" to "true".  This didn't help much so I put a breakpoint in the TGS service code and stepped through it.  The service principle being requested is "ldap/richard.feezel.net@EXAMPLE.COM" rather than "ldap/localhost@EXAMPLE.COM".  I'm guessing the switch is being made in the sun code for some reason, probably in some obscure way related to the configuration of my machine (which is named "richard.feezel.net").

I just discovered the source of the problem... In my etc/hosts file, on the line the name richard.feezel.net was listed first.  I moved "localhost" to be the first name on the line and the error is gone.
At my day job I have a Windows XP SP-3 with Sun JDK 1.6_17, Maven 2.2.1,
Subversion, and Eclipse 3.6 installed.

Access to the Internet from this system is restricted to using an HTTP
proxy that requires NTLM authentication.
Thanks a lot, M$ ...

It's an on-going source of frustration.

Again the same three steps mentioned above were completed successfully
(despite the erratic operation of the proxy server).

When I tried "mvn test", however, I got several failures.

One of the failures, "testSaslGssapiBind", is the same as on Linux.  For
now I'm assuming this is a known problem that is being worked on.

Using Eclipse to investigate each of the others I've discovered that two
of them are related to Windows's use of the "\" character as the path
separator and one is related to incorrect handling of "escaping" of
characters in filenames.  I'm developing fixes for these issues now and
will post suggested patches after I complete testing.
Great ! We don't use W$ at all, so it's likely we have some tests failure if we are not cautious enough. That's the price to pay for being efficient...

I realized after writing this morning that there are other tests failing as well on XP.  Yesterday I had only been running "mvn test" in the trunk/apacheds directory.  When run in the "trunk" directory there are other problems.

I will investigate the errors on Windows as I have time but it won't be a priority.
The only remaining test failure, is "testSearchUTF8" in
"ClientSearchRequestTest" which is not throwing the expected Exception.  I
haven't investigated this one yet but plan to when time is available.

Hmmmm... I don't find this class. In which module did you found it ?

It's in "ldap-client-test" 

Emmanuel Lécharny

Thanks once again for responding to the queries of a stumbling beginner.

Richard M Feezel