On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 4:14 AM, Stefan Seelmann <seelmann@apache.org> wrote:
Hi Richard,

On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 2:45 AM, Richard Feezel <rfeezel@gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm very interested in this project and would like to participate.
> I have extensive experience writing Java (since 1.1 in 1998), I'm interested
> in network infrastructures and security.

Great! Welcome!

> I have Eclipse 3.6 installed and up-to-date.  I have subclipse, maven,
> m2eclipse, and m2eclipse/scm integration installed.  I have used the Eclipse
> Import "Check out Maven projects from SCM" function to pull the sources
> from http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/directory/apacheds/trunk-with-dependencies/
> I have revision 983328.
> Eclipse is showing 110 errors, all of them in "shared-ldap" and
> "shared-ldap-converter" reporting unresolved references to things named
> Antlr.....

The Antlr... classes are generated during the build in maven's
generate-sources phase to target/generated-sources/antlr. Is this
folder included as source folder in your Eclipse? Otherwise run the
"generate-sources" goal with m2eclipse and afterwards run "Update
Project Configuration", this should add the generated sources you
Eclipse's source folders.

Side note: we usually don't use m2eclipse. We checkout the
trunk-with-dependencies from command line. Then run 'mvn clean
install' (or 'mvn clean install -DskipTests' is faster). Then run 'mvn
eclipse:eclipse'. Then import the projects into Eclipse, using the
classical import wizard, not the m2eclipse import.

Kind Regards,


Thanks for the extensive and informative reply.  I wished I'd known these procedures before I spent so much time stumbling around!  I'm sure part of my stumbling is related to my being a first-time user of Maven.  I need to find a good description of what Maven does and how to use it.  I have the impression there is significant overlap between Maven and some of the built-in capabilities within Eclipse.  Where can I learn what Maven goals are available and what they accomplish?

Eclipse is showing me over 1000 warnings and I noticed many of them are related to incomplete use of Generics.  Part of the issue seems to be related to external projects like "commons" not using generics.  I started exploring the code by jumping to some of the warnings regarding Generics and seeing if I could correct them.  In many cases they seemed to be fixable with modest effort.  However, as I went through the LDAP helper SoftCache and related classes I discovered what seemed to be a bug.  Looking around I don't see any usage references to SoftCache so there's probably no impact at this point.

What is the procedure for suggesting corrections and Generification enhancements?  Since I'm not officially a contributor I can't simply "commit" changes to Subversion.  At this point I wouldn't think that was appropriate anyway since I have so little experience with the code.  I would want someone more familiar look over what I was proposing.

Thanks for graciously answering the queries of a total stranger!
Richard M Feezel