On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 3:35 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
 One step further :
- all the response have been migrated
- all the ldap-api response messages have been removed and replaced by the shared-ldap response messages

We now have one singe set of classes to manage responses, all over the server, except in the dsml-parser module (to be done)

The next step is to add the missing toString() methods in the Message (each codec message had a toString method), then to continue the migration of requests (compare, extended, modify, modifyDn, and search).

When done, we will be able to rename the Internalxxx to xxx (no reason anymore to have 'Internal' in front of each message).

+1 to remove Internal designator.
I'm still wondering if it's a good idea to have an interface for each message. Not sure...

I favor the use of interfaces especially for API exposed elements other than helper classes. We cannot foresee all the use cases in advance and interfaces give us the greatest flexibility.

A few more thing we would like to do : there are many fields which are exposed as public (the various length, used to encode the messages), and I'm wondering if we could not hide them or at least keep them package protected. To be investigated.

Yeah I would imagine many things can be hidden. 
All in all, this cleanup has removed 24 512 slocs (from 351 355 slocs down to 326 443 slocs). Not bad !

Wow great job! Less code is always good.


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