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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject [GSoC] Status update
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2010 08:14:18 GMT
Hi dev,

the GSoC 2010 is in it's final stage.

Kasun did a great job till now. From an existing entry it is possible
to generate a Java Bean class and a DAO class. The DAO class uses the
new LDAP API in version 0.1. In a wizard all required information is
collected from the user.

The 9th of August is "soft" pencils down date. Till this date the
project should be finished. I expect that all remaining issues [1] are
resolved till then.

The 16th of August is pencils down date. This week should be used to
to cleanup the code and to write some documentation.

Here is a random list what should be done till then:
- Code cleanup (e.g. remove code duplications)
- Some improvements in the wizard (e.g. re-arrange widgets, sort
attribute list, pre-select all attributes of the entry, exclude
objectClass attribute)
- Complete unit tests to cover core code
- Complete Javadoc
- Write a simple user guide

And some nice-to-have items, if there is time:
- Add unit tests to test that the generated code is correct
- Generate a maven project including a pom.xml with all required dependencies
- Generate test classes for the maven project (see example project)

I'll create new Jiras for those items.

Kind Regards,

PS: I hope that Kasun will continue his good work after the GSoC
project. I have so many ideas for the future:
- Make the tool extensible so that wizards and templates for other
languages and LDAP APIs can be supported
- Add support for relationships between LDAP entries
- Analyze the whole DIT


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