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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Interested in getting involve, have run into a problem
Date Sun, 08 Aug 2010 18:43:03 GMT
Hi Richard,

> Thanks for the extensive and informative reply.  I wished I'd known these
> procedures before I spent so much time stumbling around!  I'm sure part of
> my stumbling is related to my being a first-time user of Maven.  I need to
> find a good description of what Maven does and how to use it. I have the
> impression there is significant overlap between Maven and some of the
> built-in capabilities within Eclipse.  Where can I learn what Maven goals
> are available and what they accomplish?

The first address is the official Maven site:
and there the 'User Centre'. Maven phases and the lifecycle is
decribed here:
(BTW, I was wrong when I wrote 'generate-sources goal', I must say
'generate-sources phase'). Another good resource are the books from

You are right, there is overlap between Maven and Eclipse. The reason
we use Maven as main build tool is to allow developers to use the IDE
they want. With Maven projects it is possible to use Eclipse, IDEA, or
Netbeans, what ever you prefer. All project configuration is stored in
the pom.xml, not distributed over different files. Another advantage
is that the Maven build is headless, e.g. for continuous integration.

Kind Regards,

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