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From Richard Feezel <>
Subject SsaslGssapiBind test failure problem identified
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 05:15:15 GMT
On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 10:51 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <>wrote:

>  On 8/12/10 4:24 PM, wrote:
>> Gentlemen,
> Hi,
>  My home system is Fedora Core 13 Linux with the Sun JDK 1.6_20,
>> Subversion, Maven 2.2.1, and Eclipse 3.6 installed.
> Perfect.
>  Back at a command prompt I tried running the following to make sure
>> everything was working.
>> 4)      "mvn test"
>> Only one test "testSaslGssapiBind" is failing, and, looking at the test
>> code, it appears that the author doesn't expect this one to work yet.
> Strange. All the tests are passing on our linux machines.
> Have you tried mvn clean install -Dintegration ?

I have not tried that.  I don't know how that differs from not specifying

However, after looking at the error I was getting which indicated that the
LDAP service principle wasn't being found I set "" to
"true".  This didn't help much so I put a breakpoint in the TGS service code
and stepped through it.  The service principle being requested is "ldap/" rather than "ldap/localhost@EXAMPLE.COM".
 I'm guessing the switch is being made in the sun code for some reason,
probably in some obscure way related to the configuration of my machine
(which is named "").

I just discovered the source of the problem... In my etc/hosts file, on the line the name was listed first.  I moved
"localhost" to be the first name on the line and the error is gone.

>  At my day job I have a Windows XP SP-3 with Sun JDK 1.6_17, Maven 2.2.1,
>> Subversion, and Eclipse 3.6 installed.
>> Access to the Internet from this system is restricted to using an HTTP
>> proxy that requires NTLM authentication.
> Thanks a lot, M$ ...

It's an on-going source of frustration.

> <snip/>
>  Again the same three steps mentioned above were completed successfully
>> (despite the erratic operation of the proxy server).
>> When I tried "mvn test", however, I got several failures.
>> One of the failures, "testSaslGssapiBind", is the same as on Linux.  For
>> now I'm assuming this is a known problem that is being worked on.
>> Using Eclipse to investigate each of the others I've discovered that two
>> of them are related to Windows's use of the "\" character as the path
>> separator and one is related to incorrect handling of "escaping" of
>> characters in filenames.  I'm developing fixes for these issues now and
>> will post suggested patches after I complete testing.
> Great ! We don't use W$ at all, so it's likely we have some tests failure
> if we are not cautious enough. That's the price to pay for being
> efficient...

I realized after writing this morning that there are other tests failing as
well on XP.  Yesterday I had only been running "mvn test" in the
trunk/apacheds directory.  When run in the "trunk" directory there are other

I will investigate the errors on Windows as I have time but it won't be a

>  The only remaining test failure, is "testSearchUTF8" in
>> "ClientSearchRequestTest" which is not throwing the expected Exception.  I
>> haven't investigated this one yet but plan to when time is available.
> Hmmmm... I don't find this class. In which module did you found it ?

It's in "ldap-client-test"

> Regards,
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny
Thanks once again for responding to the queries of a stumbling beginner.

Richard M Feezel

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