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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Interested in getting involve, have run into a problem
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 10:29:02 GMT
  On 8/8/10 2:45 AM, Richard Feezel wrote:
> Greetings,
Hi Richard,
> I'm very interested in this project and would like to participate.
that's a good news :) I'm always surprised to see that there are crazy 
people like us ho are interested in participating in such a gigantic 
project (FYI, ADS is quite big, with more than 365 000 Slocs). But, hey, 
this is also extra fun !
> I have extensive experience writing Java (since 1.1 in 1998), I'm interested
> in network infrastructures and security.
I don't think I beat you on Java experience, even if I started in 1996. 
Back then, I found it crappy and useless, but I changed my mind in 2000. 
In any case, being an extensive Java coder is most certainly a big plus 
here !
> I have Eclipse 3.6 installed and up-to-date.  I have subclipse, maven,
> m2eclipse, and m2eclipse/scm integration installed.  I have used the Eclipse
> Import "Check out Maven projects from SCM" function to pull the sources
> from
> I have revision 983328.
> Eclipse is showing 110 errors, all of them in "shared-ldap" and
> "shared-ldap-converter" reporting unresolved references to things named
> Antlr.....
> Is there something I'm missing?
Here, Stefan and Kiran drove you through the bud process, so I won't add 
a lot of valuable info. Regardless, we have a developer wiki which can 
be helpfull :

About Maven, I would suggest that you first get the very basis on it 
reading this online book 
( but 
no need to go too deep : we don't modify the build that frequently (in 
fact, the less we manipulate Maven, the better).

A few clue on maven though :
- to build the project, run mvn clean install -Dintegration. Always run 
intergation tests even if it's slower before providing a patch : if it 
does not succeed, that means your patch i sprobably breakng something
- always build from the root project, not from apacheds/shared/... : 
there is a lot of interaction between all those guys

A few clue about svn :
- I hope you are quite comfortable with this tool, we are using it 
- always check-out the trunk-with-dependencies, it will grab all the 
dependent projects
- we frequently create branches no need to keep a close eye on them, 
they are usually short time experiments
- frequently check in the modifications, we have around 10 commits a day
- you can also subscribe to the commis@directory.a.o mailing list, to 
get the list of commits as soon as they have been applied

A few clue about the way we work :
- This is a huge project, and there are many things that we need to fix. 
I don't think it's possible to get through all the code base, it's 
simply too big. However, it's organized in a way some parts are isolated 
enough to be swallowed quite easily.
- we follow some coding rules, which are explained here : Please follow 
them in your patches. There is some reason why we use spaces, no tabs, 
or for the indentation we have. Not that they are prefect, but it helps 
to have a consistent code base, and it eases also the diff when 
searching for some issue introduced in a previous revision.
- Becoming a committer is not difficult : it's all about being 
'committed', ie, proposing patches, doco, improvements. We review 
patches and contributions, and if we consider that they are good enough 
to be accepted, we probably will propose an access to the code base (in 
some way, it will save us the time and energy to apply the patches 
ourselves :).
- JIRA is the first place to look at, if you want to contribute. If you 
feel like one of the open issue can be yours, then fix it. If you think 
that you need an extensive knowledge of the code base, no problem. As 
you said, there are many warning s(generics, etc) that need love too. 
This is probaby a good way to get into the code, walking the classes, 
the projects, etc. Fell free to create some associated JIRAs so that we 
can follow your progress.
- JIRA is the best tool to get involved. Use it

Hope it helps !

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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